About Us

About Us


WiComply Holdings

[Formerly Business Risks International (Technology)]

The WiComply and WiDuress multi-faceted workflow, location and personal emergency management applications are provided by WiComply Holdings [formerly Business Risks International (Technology)], a professional corporate risk management company founded by security, emergency response, business continuity and risk management specialists with a wealth of experience obtained through government, military, law enforcement, tertiary and commercial sector experience.    

Our team has a passion for leveraging technology that allows customers to become more efficient, secure and compliant in an ever demanding world of regulation where WiComply not only replaces cumbersome manual paper and spreadsheet formats, but also removes the inflexible rigid processes of most technology based systems that do not easily accommodate the varying needs of different organisations.   With WiComply, you are now able to automate information capturing and sharing using desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphone devices in a highly secure and controlled environment where you decide;

  • what information you want to capture,
  • where and how you want that information to be captured,
  • who, how and when to share the information; and
  • how to analyse and report on that information.  

WiComply has been built to be as simple or as complex as you need and WiComply Holdings provides you with confidence by combining technology capabilities with experienced practitioners that work globally within the industries that we support.   We have the resources to offer customers specialist advisory and consulting services together with accredited 24/7 monitoring room capabilities.



With an intuitive workflow, flexible alert communication capabilities and smarter geo-intelligence through location tracking and wireless functionality, WiComply offers an intelligent, flexible and mobile data management solution, for all sized businesses and organisations. 

WiComply is designed for desktops and iOS or Android devices and provides smarter risk compliance through an intuitive Operations, Incident, Compliance, Response and Location management communication system. The platform provides users with a more efficient alternative to reporting and information management, while enabling seamless communication between people in the field or in the office, and in real-time.

Some of the key features of WiComply include:

  • Ability to access information from any device, at any time anywhere;
  • Ability to track documents, people, vehicles and other assets;
  • Ability to integrate photos, videos, documents and even signatures into the one platform;
  • Personalised form templates that allows users to control how to capture and report their valuable data;
  • Ability to communicate automatically via mass notification or single user advice;
  • Applying the latest secure access and protected data storage;
  • Ability to monitor personal safety and monitoring;
  • Intelligent yet simple system that requires minimal training to use.



WiDuress delivers real-time personal safety and security to individuals by transforming their mobile devices into a smart personal emergency system. Simply launching the WiDuress App will transmit GPS location, track movements, allow you to monitor surrounding audio and communicate with response teams, security and other personal emergency contacts.

Complimenting our WiComply solution, the WiDuress app provides responders with an enhanced situational awareness, including instant User identification and profile information which can include anything from allergies, medical conditions, medications and any other information to make smarter and more informed decisions.

WiDuress Users can also be instantly notified of at risk situations through SMS, Push and Email Notifications, and when combined with the WiComply Emergency Response Dashboard, responders can monitor real time delivery, receipt and responses.

Some of the key features of WiDuress include:

  • Single Press Alert that sends Email, SMS and Push Messages to responder together with Visual Alarms on the WiComply location module;
  • Device initiated phone calls that allow responders to listen, validate and manage a duress situation;
  • Virtual Safety Escorts that capture activity details, activity duration and location;
  • Offline confidence with Safety Escort timers triggering alerts even if device is damaged or turned off;
  • 24/7 Personal Emergency contacts giving your users broader security when outside established boundaries;
  • Ability to design your own compliance reports for all Duress and Safety Escort activity;
  • Access to professional 24/7 monitoring services with Business Risks International;
  • Geolocation intelligence delivering alerts to different responder groups based on Users location or time schedule.