Applications and Features

With an infusion of intelligence, WiComply’s integrated Applications and Features are designed to provide seamless workflow and location management, empowering smarter operational control, incident notification, compliance monitoring, response guidance and location awareness.

Location Flash


Real-time awareness of events, people, vehicles and assets.

Through a single display and paired with GPS enabled devices, WiComply visualises your workflow submissions and alerts, ensuring you remain aware of the location of people, events and assets. What's more, it is available anywhere, anytime and from any device.

WiComply’s Location module is able to provide you with a combined visual display of all your GPS enabled devices including iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets to advanced GPS hardware specific devices such as Laipac’s Lola and S-911 Bracelet. No longer are you reliant upon multiple device specific monitoring solutions.

WiComply enables you to track and monitor:

Workflow Submissions

When combined with WiComply's Operations, Incident, Compliance and Response applications, WiComply's Location feature enhances your ability to manage risk and control incidents through any connected device.

Through a visualized desktop display you can quickly view and access all incident submissions, compliance checklists, response guidelines and operational issues.


People, Assets, Vehicles and other Devices


In addition to monitoring the location of Users and all associated mobile devices, WiComply enables you to deliver an effective solution, which can provide increased security, safety and well-being to your workforce, students, family, vehicles and other assets.

Together with associated functions including: geo-fencing, speed alerts, nearest device, breadcrumbs, man-down alerts and duress monitoring, our advanced telematics capabilities expand options for personnel, vehicle and asset protection, while facilitating efficiencies to meet external customer compliance and satisfaction needs.

Key Features

Live outdoor and indoor tracking

Live tracking displays the location of tracked workflow submissions, people, vehicles, assets and devices on a virtual map, in real time.

Assisted GPS, GSM cell tower location and Wi-Fi hotspot triangulation, ensures the most accurate location information. If you're not within a clear line of sight to GPS satellites, your device can determine your location using Wi-Fi and cell tower locations.

Single mapping screen for key functions

In contrast to other monitoring software applications that spread various functions across multiple screens, WiComply’s Location Module allows Users to perform and view most mapping functions such as device status, tracking, inclusion/exclusion zone management (GeoFencing), nearby device correlation, street view, satellite overlay, alert notifications and more.

Detailed device information

Each tracked device is paired with a detailed information screen, which can be built to your own requirements depending on the amount or type of data needed.

Simply click on the device's map icon for an information display, including zoom options, street view, replay history, message and more.

Map Overlays

WiComply can import your own map overlays including detailed floor and site plans.

Tailored Workflow display

Either individually or by group, you can select which workflow submissions and alerts to show for each application.

Multiple Device display

WiComply fully supports display of multiple devices. You can quickly select which People, Vehicles, Assets or devices to display on the map.


WiComply’s geo-fence feature allows you to create unlimited complex shapes around different areas and record entry and exit activity associated with each geo-fence. The time within each geo-fence is also recorded; timeouts and speed limits can be associated with a geo-fence and used to trigger alerts.

Create virtual boundaries around locations such as customer sites, company depots and distribution centres. Run reports that show specific information about each location, e.g: the time of arrival or departure from a site. WiComply provides you and your customers with immediate information about the activity taking place on specific sites and has the ability to send Email, SMS, Text-to-Speech and Push Message alerts.


By simply entering an address, your map view becomes centralised around a marker placed at this address. Users can enter addresses, select a device or select all devices within a certain proximity.


Allows users to enter a starting address and an end address, select by car, public transport, bicycling or walking and generate suggested routes for selection. Users can also add multiple destinations and drop and drag with the ability to print or save.


Users can message selected devices by Email, SMS, Text to Speech, Push Notification or call. You can also message Users that are currently within a certain proximity in real-time.

Toggle Views

WiComply enables you to save various different view displays based on selections or preferences made. For an example, you may have selected certain geo-fences, Users, devices or submission alerts to show which can be saved for faster recall in the future.

Replay History

Replay and trip history allows you to see where a tracked device has been over a specified date and time range along with recording the types of activity that occurred. The information collected varies depending on the type of tracking device used to include speed, geo-fence entry and exit, impact and many more.

Dynamic Playback

Display a device, selected devices or all devices being tracked and playback a route history based on date and time period. This can be shown as the device symbols moving along the map with option to show polyline. Single devices can also be viewed in street view mode, creating the impressions and visuals that the device's owner would see.


Alerts can be enabled for specific times of the day and/or days of the week. There are many different triggering events within WiComply such as: geo-fences, duress, speeding, tampering, impact, low battery, lost signal and more.

Event History

WiComply generates a breadcrumb, alert, SOS, GeoFence, G-Force (or other captured events) history onscreen, based on a certain time and date range for either individual, selected or all monitored devices. All event history reports can easily be exported to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or PDF formats.

Advanced Battery Saving capabilities

WiComply uses advanced settings including location reporting frequency based on time and distance travelled.