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WiComply’s powerful features allow you to securely capture information, connect with users, enhance operational efficiency and mine critical insights.

Benefits include:
Flexible – the way you like it

With WiComply you have control over how your workflows are generated, with the assistance of either simplified “out of the box” settings, templates and forms or complex bespoke ones.


With the advances of smart device technology and increasingly mobile teams, people expect immediate access to accurate and relevant operational information wherever they are. That means the right information must be available at the right time, on the right device, and personalised to the individual.

WiComply delivers on this need through both an intuitive web client and free device specific Apps, which enable access to up-to-date key information on a comprehensive range of mobile devices.

Offline Confidence

When using WiComply's native iOS and Android Apps, Users can confidently capture information offline.   Any data captured in the App is securely sent to WiComply's severs as soon as the device regains connection to a network providing the ideal solution to ensure that key functions can be still completed on the go, in the field, and in an easy to use format.

Increased Security

Security of your data is our highest priority. We have a dedicated team using the best tools and engineering practices available to build and maintain WiComply, and you can rest assured that we’ve implemented a multi-level security environment to protect your data at every step, whether it is over the network, within the WiComply Application or through device specific mobile Apps.


WiComply can be setup within a matter of minutes and has been designed to allow users to become productive with minimal training ensuring that its simple to use when the pressures on.

Common operating picture

An interactive User interface displays up-to-the-minute information, right at your fingertips. Together with visual alert notifications, you are empowered to command events as they arise while easily collaborating with remote users.

Information Control

Control and manage how information is collected through form templates.

In field restrictions

Restrict where Users can view, capture and submit data from.

Geolocation intelligence

WiComply facilitates non-stop location awareness of your people, events, vehicles and other assets, with location analytics tools to provide deeper contextual insight.

This results in the rapid delivery of information that can be easily interpreted and understood, to better promote visibility into your data.

Real-time audit

Audit logs including time, date, latitude/longitude, User details and other information.

Multi-channel Communications

Visual, Audible, Voice, SMS, Email, Text-to-Speech and push alert notifications.

Trusted partners you can rely on

In developing WiComply we have partnered with leading technology providers including: