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Judicial Monitoring

Offender monitoring is a key to strengthening the criminal justice system and consequently enhancing protection and security for society. WiComply's electronic monitoring systems can enhance compliance with a full range of court or release orders from bail, sentencing, parole, preventative recognizances to release pending deportation.

Linking Laipac S911 Bracelet Locator ST, a WaterBlock GPS device, with WiComply's Location module's comprehensive geo-fence time, boundary and multi-channel alert capabilities provides a beneficial solution for offender monitoring.







Establish timed control boundaries.
Through advanced geofence creation technology, establish multiple boundaries of any shape or size, including predefined routes which if breached trigger an instant alert. Geofences can be scheduled to be operational based on certain date, day and time paramaters.
Detailed device information
Each tracked device is paired with a detailed information screen, which can be built to your own requirements depending on the amount or type of data needed, such as photograph and other personal information. Simply click on the device's map icon for an information display, including zoom options, street view, replay history, message and more.
Secure GeoLocation Visibility Rules
When considering security and privacy issues, WiComply offers a comprehensive GeoLocation visibility rule mechanism for fine-grained control over the visibility of devices. You are able to restrict visibility of devices to selected users as well as restrict based on ip address. Refer to GeoLocation Visibility Rules for more information.
Security Band with Tamper Detection

Laipac's S911 Bracelet Locator ST includes a built-in tamper detection circuit. Once the band is cut or clasp is opened, a notification alert will be sent.

Multi-Channel Alerts
Breach alert messages can be sent through a combination of SMS, Push, Email and Voice (Text to Speech) messages as well as visual/audible alarms directly to WiComply's location monitoring module.
Live communication
Monitoring personnel can receive an instant device initiated phone call where they can listen to surrounding audio and communicate with the individual.
Compliance Reports
Design your own reports, capturing all tracking and alert information to assist with compliance reporting. Reports can be exported as Excel, Word, PDF, CSV and other major formats.
Professional Monitoring
Professional 24/7 monitoring is provided through Business Risks International's monitoring service..