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Shopping Centres

Large assembly areas such as Shopping Centres often provide a diverse mix of retail, dining and other leisure activities such as multiplex cinemas posing many risk and compliance challenges. Add to this a constantly fluctuating flow of pedestrian traffic and safety issues become a key concern.  From individual tenancy management and incident reporting through to centre evacuation management, WiComply offers Shopping Centres the tools needed to address these issues.   

Empowering mobility, WiComply provides an integrated approach to risk and security issues faced by Shopping Centres enabling real-time intelligence that is needed for effective response and informed decision-making.

With WiComply it is possible to be everywhere, see everything and respond accordingly to anything assisting Shopping Centres to be compliant within a single application as well as enhancing shopper, employee and tenant well being, safety and security.


Imagine the possibilities:
  • Capture incident information in real time
  • A safer environment for shoppers
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Detailed tenancy reporting and compliance management
  • Location aware document and checklist delivery
  • Management of Mass Alert Notifications
  • Automated Occurence Logs and security patrol management
  • Risk and Maintenance issue identification
  • Automated liability exposure alerts
  • Contractor and site visitor management
Comply with legislation including OH&S Requirements.
Centralise regulatory compliance through real-time data capturing and reporting through a simple to use application that delivers information to the required people when and how they need it together with providing timely warnings for any compliance breach.
Minimise the 'Human Factor' through Information control
To assist in minimising "the human factor" WiComply allows you to control when and how you want information presented, captured and reported on.
Present up-to-date procedures to floor staff
Establish boundaries around areas that when entered trigger an alert providing instructions, documents and other information relevant to comply with safety requirements.
Provide instant on-site hazard information and operational procedures
When workers enter a hazardous area, they can instantly be informed through alert messages of any hazards, required operational procedures as well as presented with check-lists requiring a response from them.
Capture and maintain Maintenance Reports
Real time capturing and reporting of maintenance issues with live image and video capturing functionality that can be instantly sent to maintenance crews making data-entry and problem identification faster and more efficient.
Issue Mass Broadcast Notifications
In the event of a crisis, quickly broadcast notifications to individuals within the pre-defined geofences through intelligent communications, which enable you to capture their current status and wellbeing.
Know where your team members are
Optimise workflow, reduce costs and expedite response times by visually knowing where all cleaning, security and other team members are at all times.
Give confidence to tenants and staff through Duress functionality

Duress capabilities provide instant personal protection to individuals. Activating duress within pre-defined geofences, your security team will be alerted in real time with live GPS position, audio monitoring and messaging capabilities.

Outside pre-defined geofences or specified hours, individuals still have the comfort in knowing that duress alerts can be instantly issued to family and friends.

Comfort with virtual private safety escort
When tenants and centre management staff are returning to their motor vehicle or walking to the bus stop, they can set a time for the expected duration of the activity with the confidence that if the timer expires before they reach their destination security staff will be instantly alerted.