Universities and Schools

Universities and Schools

82% of students own a smartphone. More than half (52%) say they always keep their device within arm’s reach, and another 30% do so most of the time. UCAS Media Survey and Edison Research 2013

Empowering mobility, WiComply provides an integrated approach to risk and security issues faced by Universities and Schools enabling real-time intelligence that is needed for effective response and informed decision-making.

With WiComply it is possible to be everywhere, see everything and respond accordingly to anything that might affect campus well being, safety and security.

Imagine the possibilities:
  • Student and staff safety
  • Building lock up compliance
  • Incident Reporting
  • Requesting safety escorts
  • Tracking lost and found property
  • Enabling First Aid Guidance
  • Distributing Evacuation procedures and notifications
  • Assisting Maintenance operations
  • Identifying Safety Hazards
  • Monitoring external contractors
  • Ensuring field trip and visitor safety
Comply with legislation including the Clery Act.
Maintain security policies, Capture and report on crime statistics through a simple to use application and provide timely warnings to students and staff.
Provide 24/7 security to overseas students
Monitor oversees students no matter where they are. Be aware when they arrive at their accommodation or on campus grounds and provide them with information anytime.
Issue Mass Broadcast Notifications
In the event of a crisis, quickly broadcast notifications to staff, students and other people within the campus through intelligent communications, which enable you to capture their current status and wellbeing.
Engage your campus population as your eyes and ears

Facilitate consistent information capture from students, staff and the broader community relating to events, whether directly through the WiComply application or through forms embedded on the internet.

Pre-established alerts will inform the right people of the situation at the right time ensuring appropriate action can be taken.

Know where your team members are
Optimise workflow, reduce costs and expedite response times by visually knowing where team members are at all times.
Give confidence to students and staff through Duress functionality

Duress capabilities provide instant personal protection to individuals. Activating duress within campus grounds, your security team will be alerted in real time with live GPS position, audio monitoring and messaging capabilities.

Outside campus grounds or hours, students and staff still have the comfort in knowing that duress alerts can be instantly issued to family and friends.

Comfort with virtual private safety escort
When students and staff are returning to their motor vehicle or walking to the bus stop, they can set a time for the expected duration of the activity with the confidence that if the timer expires before they reach their destination security staff will be instantly alerted.
Maintain live transportation routes and timetables
Students and staff can use their smartphones to view current campus transportation routes and track in real time where each vehicle is. Providing a safer and more efficient way for students to access services.
Keep maintenance staff informed of issues
When maintenance issues arise, WiComply can instantly notify the information to maintenance staff and deploy them to the exact location.
Keep abreast of hazardous areas
Establish boundaries around hazardous areas that when entered trigger an alert providing instructions, documents and other information relevant to comply with safety requirements.
Provide instant information on student medical information and first aid procedures
In the event of a medical emergency your staff can instantly access individual student medical information through intuitive search functionality, review first aid guides and notify campus medical staff of the situation and their location.
Maintain Compliance logs for external contractors
Through establishing time and location bound alerts, you can efficiently monitor contractor activities and ensure checklist compliance.